Le Net Gay Baromètre 2013

Survey on internet usage, online dating habits, sexuality and prevention in the gay and bisexual population in France.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2013 edition of the NET GAY BAROMETER, a survey renewed every three years, and aimed at men who have sex with other men in France or Canada (MSM) .
The 2013 Barometer addresses many topics such as the uses of social networks, ethnic diversity, sexual orientation, coming out, online dating, couple relationships, relationships with male or female casual partners and sexual risk management between men. The survey asks about various aspects of our lifestyles such as proximity or distance maintained with the gay community and tackles topics that are sometimes taboo such as the practice of "barebacking", the use of psychoactive substances or how paid sex takes place in our interpersonal relations. Health is still at the heart of this study, and is more fully discussed: psychological, physical, sexual and relational health (including the sense of multiple discrimination that can affect each of us in accordance with his life course or origins).

This survey should excite you and present itself as a genuine experience of introspection. We can no longer, in 2013, address the health of Gay, Bisexual, metro-sexual or allo-sexual men under the sole topic of HIV. Contemporary issues are elsewhere, in particular the issues regarding our relationships with others and shared spaces where we live our experiences.

We count on you to patiently complete this survey which will take between 20 and 40 minutes depending on your experience and journey. We have added cool pictures to make this survey more fun. You can hear about the survey results here by March or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.